Stories by Peter van Houten

Dear reader,

After much consideration, I have decided to remove my short stories from this website. I have serious concerns regarding the free-for-all data harvesting by AI, natural language processing, large-language models and general machine learning technology.

As I write this, these systems are scanning internet servers, scanning web pages such as mine and delivering the contents to anyone using their services. Obviously, it is already possible to cut-and-paste from any website and use the information in any way desired, without consequence. What AI brings is a relentless, 24/7/365.25, limitless copying of personal data, to be used by any organisation, without acknowledgement or reward to the creator.

In the future, I may decide to post articles of interest, perhaps of a technical nature and gathered over my 40 years in the electronics and computer industry. So, with a clichéd smiling expression on my face, seated at my favourite restaurant in Kefalonia, watch this space!

Thanks for reading,

Peter van Houten